Turn On Tune In


An associate and myself set up the business with the dual core purposes of building an engaged online audience and providing a promotional platform for independent musicians and artists that is free at the point of use. My role was to ensure website content delivers the company’s message, products and objectives.

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Duties included

– Leading the fluid editorial team of 10-15 journalists
– Formulating and disseminating editorial direction to staff
– Directing the framing and presentation of content
– Multimedia content creation, typically editorial, news and feature writing
– Creating engaging and persuasive marketing/communications literature for the company’s bespoke services
– Overseeing recruitment of writers and creatives
– Editing copy
– Liaising and building lasting mutually beneficial partnerships with industry professionals and prime news sources
– Social media management
– Training journalists and interns in both content creation and presentation, as well as providing specialist expertise on working with CMS and HTML and how to incorporate effective SEO into their work