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Blogging, ghostwriting, content marketing strategy, social media management (Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter).



Working with creative agency Hodes, our campaigns provide real insights on – and solutions to – students’ needs, all based on the endline, ‘Careers that could take you anywhere’.

The campaign’s content strategy engaged students and graduates with a unique approach. Rather than explicitly marketing job opportunities, blogs offered careers-related content which was of vital use to students – whether they were considering Enterprise’s employment offer or not.

This compelling, useful content was created in conjunction with student campus brand managers at over 40 universities, and shared through Enterprise’s social media channels and blogging platform. It drove potential applicants to the Enterprise careers site like never before.


Selected content portfolio

What makes a graduate employer of the year? – Ghostwrite for UK & Ireland Talent Acquisition Manager Ashley Heaver.

What to expect at Student Pride 2016

Rag Week: How to be charitable on a budget



  • Social content has proved phenomenally popular, with employability blogs attracting and preparing an incredible number of candidates.
  • One blog, ‘6 interview questions you should be asking’, generated over 268,000 visits. The blog is often ranked #1 in a Google search for the topic, beating The Times, Forbes and any other recruiter offering similar advice.
  • Targeted emails have also produced great results, with a 43.29% open rate and 17.79% click-through rate.
  • Application-to-hire ratio has improved by 39%, proving that engaging and relevant content results in better-suited candidates. Plus, Enterprise now relies less on paid advertising, with ad spend down year-on-year.

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