Want a highly paid graduate job? McDonald’s is better than media and law

Written for Sub.tv

Jobs; everybody remember jobs? They’re back! Graduate jobs especially – Lucky folk graduating this year will chuck their oddly-shaped blue hats into the best job market in over a decade. Employment prospects are even better than when Tony Blair managed to ignite an economic boom by fathering a spectacular harem of middle-management positions.

But even the staggering intellect of ‘our Tony’ could not have guessed that the jobs paying the best money were… what, Aldi?

Want the top-paying grad job outside of the City? Call Aldi

Aldi has brought Britain many things; obscure brands, affordable cheese and the ‘Aldiki’. These we know and revere – but the starting salary of forty grand plus for rookie grads is perhaps the most wonderful gift of all. To put that into perspective, MI6 pay begins at a miserly £29,000. As if the rambunctious glamour of Aldi’s cured meats section wasn’t enough to turn you away from all that ‘shaken, not stirred’ nonsense.

Read the rest here…


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