Young? Poor? You’re probably caught up in the voteless cycle

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Episteme of the Oryx

checkout girlDavid Moyes

Anyone watching that miserable tale, David Moyes and his rag tag band of men who have forgotten how to kick a ball, will be familiar with the concept of a vicious cycle. Manchester United lose > player confidence plummets > Manchester Utd lose > player confidence plummets, and so on. Several unfortunate factors or events which through the grinding of celestial logic and circumstance conspire to perpetuate each other to an unsavoury event horizon.

Cheery enough, you might think, when it’s the Red Devils suffering as a result. But there are other vicious cycles in which things we all hold very dear are at risk. Step forward, universal suffrage.

Last night Owen Jones fired off a quick column on political apathy, arguing that the likes of Russell Brand, Will Self and the everyman with an indiscriminate hatred of politicians are not to blame for the UK’s low voter turnout

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