Vanity portraits ‘scandal’ says more about our press than our politicians


New blog; it’s pure rapture.

Britain loves a scandal. That phrase would usually run “loves a good scandal” but the truth is that we Brits are not all that picky when it comes to drama. As long as we are cosseted by crisis it matters not one jot whether a scandal is ‘good’ or ‘bad’. As when snorkelling at sea, it’s the absolute submersion which delights us, not the purity of each particle of H2O we swim through.

The vanity portraits ‘scandal’ is a case in point. As Jonathan Jones pointed out in The Guardian yesterday, nearly every news outlet framed the story as another disgusting example of an aloof political class frittering away taxpayer money. According to the press, the politicians were once again showing off their unfathomable desire to become more unpopular than gonorrhoea and toothache during christmas dinner.

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