To #hashtag Or Not To #hashtag?


Hashtags, split personalities and Ryan Gosling eating cereal. This is a strange one I concocted for the lovely lot over at CalmZone

Another day, another news feed. You are indulging in that especially unrewarding form of procrastination – mindlessly scrolling through your Facebook wall. Spurred on by a baffling belief that the next auto-refresh will bring something interesting, something new, you come across an unwelcome visitor.

“Friday night. Let the #banter commence! #jagerbantz”

The bile begins to rise.

A ‘friend’ cull really is in order, I think. This ain’t Twitter, there’s no hashtag functionality built into Mark Zuckerberg’s book of faces. Y’see, what you’ve done there is the social networking equivalent of bringing a banjo to a Dubstep rave. What’s wrong with you?

But, I’m sorry to say that this is not a rant. In fact, it’s an admission. A concession to the dark side…for there is a rapture in the heathen hashtag. I know, I know, allow me to explain.

The rest of the story/descent into madness can be found on the CALM website.


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