Ten Ten Collective – Free Download

1010 collective

“Around June 2009, we were at a house party near Twickenham Green with some friends. On this particular night everyone was scrambling around, picking-up anything that would make a noise and playing it. This moment of collective creativity sparked the idea to try and record an album with all our friends, and this is the result.”

Meet Ten Ten Collective, a hydra-esque band of ridiculously talented musicians who have decided to put their beautiful self-titled debut album to the ‘Radiohead Test’. That’s right, you, the listener, decide how much to pay for it.

Here’s a little taster, featuring a brief cameo from Turn On Tune In initiate John O’Reilly!

So what will it be? A tenner? A fiver? A freebie? Whatever the change in your pocket, get your download here!

This article was originally published on Turn On Tune In.


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