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It’s okay, don’t say anything, we know you haven’t been following the news this week. The allure of that swanky bar with the sunlit beer garden in the daytime and the pull of that all night rave your mate blagged you tickets for is too strong to resist. And we won’t even mention the hangovers that followed. We all find more important things to do than check the news every day.

But luckily for you, a hermit crab at Turn On Tune In has been reading up on current events, so you can read them all today before you go out on another nasty weekend. So read up and amaze your friends with unprecedented knowledge of the ins and outs of all things music. This is your one stop shop for the week’s biggest music stories.

Liam Gallagher offers an intellectual discourse on Prince Harry’s royal bottom

Top reporting from the Daily Star. Prince Harry’s bum has been getting a lot of attention recently and has done a great job of firmly dividing the nation into two categories; those who object to seeing an un-elected prince spunk away their taxes in Vegas and those who, upon hearing the news, allowed themselves a wry grin and accepted that they probably couldn’t resist a cheeky game of strip pool if they had the chance.

Whilst other news agencies were scrambling around, sitting on the fence like a beached ostrich and trying to work out if it was okay to publish those photos, The Star realised that there was only one man who could put the debate to bed with a carefully considered and well researched answer: Liam Gallagher. Grab your carving stones and get ready to put this down on a stone tablet, so that all future generations may remember these hallowed words:

“I’d like to party with Prince Harry. He’s cool… If I was a ginger Prince and third in line to the throne, I’d get pissed and naked every night. Just for the hell of it.”

Don’t call him a lightweight though, or he’ll get all angry and do a Yaweh circa Old Testament;

“I’ve never got so bladdered I’ve got naked though. Like I said, I can handle my booze,” he added.

The Vaccines set to knock Rita Ora from the number 1 album spot

Does anyone still care about the charts? I don’t know, to be honest, this is the first time I’ve given them a second’s thought since I was 14… But anyways, NME seem to think that people still care, so we’ll shamelessly reprint their story here.

The Vaccines look set to score their first number one album this Sunday with their sophomore effort ‘The Vaccines Come Of Age’. Presumably because it’s got a slightly less dull name than their debut ‘What Did You Expect From The Vaccines?’

They’ll knock Rita Ora off the top spot, the world will exhale a collective yawn and we’ll all get on with our lives again. Oh yeah, and Ne-Yo is “odds on” to top the singles charts.

The National open Obama rally in Iowa

We love a band with political tendencies. The National opened President Obama’s ‘Vote for me because Mitt Romney is a Mormon/Moron’ rally in Iowa on Saturday, playing their single ‘Bloodbuzz Ohio’ to a rather bemused crowd.

Pitchfork tells us that this isn’t the first time The National has shown their support for the Democrats. The band has opened several other rallies apparently. We’re not sure who this is a PR stunt for; The National or Obama, but we suppose it’s all for a good cause.


Grizzly Man film maker Werner Herzog to direct The Killers’ webcast

This is ever so strange. Werner Herzog, acclaimed film-maker of Grizzly Man and Aguirre: The Wrath of God fame, will be directing The Killers’ American Express Unstaged Webcast this month. The project brings together bands and legendary directors in a bonanza so exciting that you almost forget the relentless barrage of adverts and propaganda that come with it.

Past combinations have included Gary Oldman joking around with Jack White, Terry Gilliam getting all arty with Arcade Fire and David Lynch doing whatever he could to make Duran Duran look cool again.

But The Killers’ episode on the 18th September at 7pm, promises to be the most intriguing so far. Let’s all hope that Brandon Flowers finally loses it and breaks down on camera a la Timothy Treadwell.

Who framed David Bowie? The V & A, that’s who

Your final news-bite of the week and it’s a biggie. Whoever it is who controls David Bowie’s archive has decided that now is the perfect time to give the V & A art gallery free reign over the acres of his handwritten lyrics, original costumes, fashion disasters, photographs, films, music videos, set designs, instruments and album artworks that have been sat collecting dust in a storage container somewhere in East London for the past 30 years.

The exhibition will give “the first international retrospective of the extraordinary career of David Bowie” and will take an “in-depth look at how David Bowie’s music and radical individualism has both influenced and been influenced by wider movements in art, design and contemporary culture.”

You’ll have to wait a while to see it, but we’re sure that when the exhibition opens in March it’ll be an extravaganza worth waiting for.

The full story is here.

This article was originally published on Turn On Tune In.


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