18 Nightmares at the Lux – ‘Mother of Girl’ Single Review


18 Nightmares Portfolio Pic 1

It’s fast, it’s dark and it’s bloody brilliant. Eighteen Nightmares at the Lux live up to their sleazy persona in this raucous track of heavy riffs and yelping vocals. ‘Mother of Girl’ kicks off with lead singer Shimon’s unapologetically frenetic guitar line before the rest of the band crash in like a speeding sports car, kicking up a cascade of sonic dust.

Ever fancied your girlfriend’s mother? Shimon clearly has and this three minute blow out is his unique way of expressing it. The unhinged lyrics take no prisoners and you can’t quite help but look at yourself when Shimon stutters “I wish people like you didn’t exist”.

The accompanying track ‘Law Breaking Blues’ begins with a haunting harmonica that swirls into the imagination with daring panache. No amount of description will prepare you for the few minutes of balls out frenzy that follows.
It’s Jonny Cash, Led Zepplin and Howling Wolf all smashed into one volatile ball of erratic exorcism. There are so many musical ideas, beats and rhythms battling for supremacy here that you can’t quite work out which way to tap your feet in time – in the end you give in and leave your leg to wobble away like an obsessive compulsive kid who has just stuck two grams of amphetamine down their throat.

It’s all exceptionally raucous fun and with this record Eighteen Nightmares at the Lux have announced their desperately needed arrival on the London music scene.

Buy ‘Mother of Girl’ here.


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