Tailoring Content to Platform

Tools like Google Maps allow journalists to create a multimedia, interactive package of content

A key challenge which 21st Century  journalists must rise to is that of how to best present their work online. The web gives us the chance to  publish an infinitely varied cross-section of content on an ever evolving selection of platforms. A whole range of Infographics, Maps, Audio Slideshows, Photo Slideshows, Animations and even plain old text-picture combos are proliferated throughout the internet. These presentation platforms are also being spliced together in ambitious ways, creating some very interesting results.

Alas, for every success story, there’s a content platform failure to match. The backlash against poorly contrived infographics and other insanely inappropriate presentations of content online suggests that many journalists are struggling to remember that the presentation of their work – no matter how flashy and inventive it may be – should be primarily judged on content appropriateness.

With this in mind, I started to wonder about specific examples of where journalists were getting their presentation wrong. The most obvious example for me was night-clubbing  reviews. Most stick to a text-picture presentation, with a short video chucked in at the bottom if you’re lucky. Obviously, this simple presentation won’t rile everybody, but it couldn’t be further away from what a review of a club night should look like. It’s dull, myopic and out-dated.

When you have tools out there on the web such as Google Maps, which allow even amateur journalists to create their own map of data, it seems strange that no-one should take advantage of this interactive multimedia revolution. An online map is a fantastic platform for a club night review, as the reviewer can plot the whole night out (from pre-drinks to the hazy walk home at dawn), rather than scrawl some text about the experience inside the club.

So this is what I did, so sick was I of reading one tedious review after another. Check out the mapped review here.

You can also watch a quick vid from the map below.


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