Everything in One Place? The Lure of the Anti-Niche

Do we focus too much on ‘finding a niche’?

If you ever meet a journalist who is in the process of setting up a new magazine, you can bet your last dollar on them saying that they are doing it because they have “found a niche”.

Finding a niche has become salient due to the saturation of the magazine market; there are so many magazines out there these days, from Nuts to the Official Meeting Facilities Guide (OMFG), that it is almost impossible to find an audience who have not yet been catered for. For business angels executives and investment companies, identifying an untapped audience in this environment is considered to be up there with finding the Holy Grail.

This attitude has spread to the online market also and niche marketing is now pervasive throughout the internet. Web surfers now visit a myriad of websites every day, each website suited to a particular indulgence of their character.

But is finding a niche the only way to find an audience?

What about an online service which combines a set of niches to form a major demographic? Surely this service would have a much greater audience than a site which services just one niche. Furthermore, this super-audience would also spend more time on the ‘anti-niche’ website/service, as it would be multi-functional and engage the user on numerous levels.

An ‘Anti-Niche’ service would follow an ‘everything in one place’ model, seeking to offer functionalities which encourage the user to not feel the need to leave the site, as nearly everything they want from their online experience is there.

Of course, finding such a super demographic of niches is even more difficult than finding a niche…


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